Composer drill-down

O' 7
Ob 6
Oc 1
Od 1
Oe 5
Of 1
Og 3
Oh 7
Oi 1
Oj 2
Ok 3
Ol 26
Om 1
On 8
Oo 3
Op 11
Or 20
Os 12
Ot 11
Ou 5
Ov 9
Ow 4
Ox 1
Oz 1


The table on the left is a list of the prefixes of the composer names in Meson and the number of chess problems composed by composers with names having that prefix. Select a prefix to view a list of prefixes of one character longer that start with that prefix. Eventually, when the number of composers is small enough to be displayed on one page, a list of those composers will be displayed, from which you can select a composer.

Developed and maintained by Brian Stephenson.
Implemented with HTML5, MySQL, Perl (with, inter alia, CGI::Simple, HTML::Template & XML::LibXML) & CSS/Javascript (jQuery, Bootstrap & DataTables).