Welcome to the MESON Chess Problem Database (currently holding 183,485 problems)

MESON is a database of composed chess problems. You will not find any game positions here! In MESON there are mostly directmates in 2, 3, 4 and 5 moves. Problems of greater length and/or with other stipulations are also present but I am not currently adding such.

On this website you will be able to search for problems using different criteria, including composer, year(s) published, king positions, material balance, source, quoter, stipulation and aspects of the diagram position. You will also be able to search by PID. Lists of anticipations are available as are lists of the books and magazines from which I have abstracted the problems in MESON. There are also various statistics about the database. You can find out more about MESON by selecting the About Mesonitem in the menu on the left. I have recently added a matrix search facility to MESON. To try it out select Search from the menu above and then Matrix Search from the menu on the left of the screen that then appears. I plan to add options for shifts, reflections and rotations.

While I am alive MESON will always be free to access, but donations would be appreciated from those who wish to make them. I live on a small pension and any donations would help to defray the web-hosting costs and provide some reward for the many hours I spend on the database. If you wish to donate, plase click the PayPal button on the right.

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