Matrix Search


Click a piece in the box on the left and then click a square on a board to drop that piece on that board. The combined pieces indicate one or other of those pieces. 'E' is to indicate squares that must be empty. Black and white circles indicate any black and any white piece except kings. The INCLUDE board is for pieces that must be on specific squares and the OR board for pieces on a range of squares. Both boards can be used in a single search. The red cross is to remove a piece. At least two pieces need to be set before the Search button will become active. Options for searching shifts, reflections and rotations will be added later.

OR board

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Developed and maintained by Brian Stephenson.
Implemented with HTML5, MySQL, Perl (with, inter alia, CGI::Simple, HTML::Template & XML::LibXML) & CSS/Javascript (jQuery, Bootstrap & DataTables).