Here is a list of my planned enhancements to Meson. I intend to implement them all, though not necessarily in the order listed. I make no promises as to timescales.

  • Addition of solutions to all directmates of up to five moves, not just #2s and #3s.  ALMOST DONE!
  • Classification of #3s.
  • Facilities for dealing with twins.
  • New search facilities for position matrices.  DONE!
  • New search facilities for strategic features occurring during solutions, such as pins.
  • The extension of 'substantive anticipation' checking (my 'Antcheck' program that runs on my PC at home) to #3s.

Eventually, I hope that it will be possible to provide an 'Anticipation Checking' service on the website, such that composers and editors can check out original #2s and #3s for prior art.

Developed and maintained by Brian Stephenson.
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