About the BDS Website

Welcome to the BDS Website. My name is Brian Stephenson and I am a retired IT professional. I read a lot and listen to the radio nearly all the time, being a big fan of audio drama. I play chess (badly) in my local league when my club is desperate to field a full team. I have recently retired from the post of entries secretary of the Sheffield Chess Congress. The items in the main menu to the left list the various interests of mine (mostly, but not only, chess!) covered by this site.

I have been writing about Chess Endgame Studies in Chess since 2006 and, with Roland Ott, in Schweizerische Schachzeitung since 2014. Select the Chess Endgame Studies menu item on the left to view these articles.

I have been composing and publishing chess problems since 1977. Select the Chess Problems menu item on the left to find out more about chess problems. I have also begun to post my own compositions here. They are not all posted yet, but I am slowly adding them.

I have been developing a chess problem testing/solving program for some years. It is very much a back-burner task and so far it only solves orthodox problems. Select the Kalulu menu item on the left to learn more.

There is my MESON Chess Problem Database, which has been free and online since 2006. Select the menu item on the left to access it.

As a retired programmer I have an interest in computer programming and building websites. Follow that menu item to learn more.

Then there is Audio Drama, which I have been listening to for many years. Recently I have started writing it with my co-writer Chris Bellamy. We have had one play produced and have plans for several more.

I write an occasional blog, which you can read by selecting the Blog menu item on the left.

I sometimes post something here which doesn’t fall within the sections already mentioned. A list of those writings can be viewed by taking the Other menu item.

If you are looking for the Winton Capital British Chess Solving Championship, which used to be included in these pages, then goto the BCPS website to which it was moved in 2016 when I finished my stint as director.

If you want to contact me, you can do so using the Contact facility on the BCPS website.


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